Who he is:

Personal Trainer who believes the world is our playground. In his 40’s, he is in better shape than ever, having spent his life using movement as medicine to heal himself.


Andre’s style incorporates strength training, posture, myofascial mobility while training himself he steps “out the box” into ballet and yoga which helps him with boxing and lifting. Andre wants everyone to feel good in their body and he has a map of how to get there. He wants everyone to feel good in their body. For his clients, he keeps it simple, models it, trims out the fluff while keeping it real and honest.

As a trainer, he plants seeds of inspiration through exercise and waters that inspiration to help his clients find success. He views fitness more like seasons of the year, some fruitful and some resting with the understanding there is no end product only the continual cycle of the seasons.


Andre works with everyone, from kids to seniors, students, athletes, and people in recovery. He works best with people who are open to learn and try new things.

“I am INERGI, inner. natural. energy. radiates. gravitates to inspire. Because we are energy, keep it simple.”

Education & History:

While getting his Degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina A & T State University Andre discovered that the body is really a machine. Growing up in a military family, Andre played multiple sports basketball, track field, kickball, dodgeball, football, high jump, triple jump, hurdles, he now understands how the body moves in the most optimal ways. Born with a curved spine, he was aware how this affected his movement in those sports and later how sports induced asthma was limiting. He decided to be the best self he could be and worked to heal himself, finding success through his fitness program, he is stronger now than ever.

Work History:

From Crunch, Blink, Equinox and Boxing gyms, Andre has a long history in working in the fitness industry. He also taught elementary school out of college.

Fun Trivia:

Andre loves legos. Playing with them, creating with them, taking 5 min motivation moments to make something inspiring. He loves working with hands.



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