Aaron Guy

Aaron Guy

Who he is:

Personal Trainer and former competitive bodybuilder, Aaron offers a professional experience with a high level of education, while building trust and creating comfort with his clients.


Aaron focuses on functional strength and corrective exercise. With a deep knowledge base, he knows fitness, yet he communicates in a relatable way so his clients can understand. He believes training should be fun and enjoyable, so he uses encouragement rather than command. Beyond education, he trains from personal experience. Bodybuilding taught him a sense of discipline and the real struggle of body transformation. He uses this knowledge to relate to his clients on a deeper level. As a man in his 40’s, Aaron has developed a humble approach. He underwent a hip replacement, after total recovery, he is now able to squat 350lb. Aaron also struggled with quarantine weight gain, which for him totaled 50lbs. He is happy to be back to his pre-quarantine fitness routine and body. He is happy to help others do the same.


His clients range from 20-80 yrs. He often trains with professionals who work at inactive jobs, helpling them feel good about recreational sports, and fitness as a lifestyle beyond looking good. He is a great listener, motivator and emotionally intelligent which makes him easy to talk to.

“Not every workout is going to be perfect. Sometimes you have to listen to your body and do what your body is capable of on that day. Remember a “bad” workout is always better than no workout.”

Education & History:

One look at Aaron and anyone may ask what sports he played. Ironically, Aaron was an unathletic child who always had a note to get out of gym class, all the way through high school. His fitness journey began in college from a desire to look good. He began to research fitness and workout for aesthetics, this quickly developed a passion. Aaron quit his college career in accounting to work for a gym. Everyday he declared to the fitness manager that he wanted to be a trainer, but they made him work his way up from towel service to cleaning to floor management. Finally, Aaron was invited to take the NASM certification and became the top trainer at that gym. Years later, he became a NASM Master Trainer and holds the certifications listed below.

Work History:

Aaron has been working in gyms for 20 years. From floor management to becoming the top trainer at several gyms, Aaron knows his way around fitness. For the last 8 years he ran a successful private training business. He is joining Gym Tonic for the community and connection that is missing from private training.

Fun Trivia:

Aaron loves his jeep, which he bought just before covid with no intention of taking it offroad. During quarantine with little to do, he discovered the love of off-roading with trips to Big Bear and Arizona. He loves dogs, especially boxers, he just added a rescued boxer to his family.


Performance Enhancement, NASM CPT and Master Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, KBC Kettlebell, USAW Level1 Sports Performance.

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