Who he is:

Taylor is a founder and COO of GymTonic. His desire to build a welcoming gym
space was born from his love of community and his experiences that shaped him as a young man. Taylor specializes in education, Corrective exercise, Weight loss & muscle Gain, Core and balance, Diabetes, PCOS and metabolism.


With a high emphasis on injury prevention, Taylor focuses on technique. His clients are encouraged to perform moves well and safely, but perfection is not the goal. With his background in research and higher education, Taylor is a solid resource of fitness knowledge. He welcomes questions; always seeking to provide answers backed by science. He is a true resource helping people sift through social media for researched information.


Through the in-depth education he provides, Taylors clients find long term
success on their own. His client list ranges from teenagers to 80 years, with a variety of backgrounds and needs..Taylor believes it is important for people to feel comfortable and confident in the gym so he introduces them to each other and other trainers at the gym. Taylor has many long-term clients who stay because they appreciate his motivation, accountability and company.


“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen”

Education & History:

Taylor’s journey as a trainer began early, at 15, with a general interest in fitness and exercise. His sister was diagnosed with PCOS not long after. Seeing her struggle with hormone issues and complex weight management during their formative high school years left a deep impression. In a desire to escape the social aspect of High School and help his sister, Taylor began college fitness courses while still in High School. He taught his first group class at age 17, becoming a CPT at 18. Before heading to college in Ohio, he worked for several months at a sports club in San Diego. Bachelors in Human Health. Taylor went on to get a Masters of Science in Corrective Exercise at ….

Work History:

Before breaking ground on Gymtonic, he had a successful career with his own private training company. He has been a top-tier trainer at luxury fitness gyms.Taylor founded, developed and managed a rock-climbing gym in Ohio while in college

Fun Trivia:

As a vegan, Taylor chooses his diet not for health reasons, but ethical and agricultural purposes. He has fostered over 60 dogs in the last 16 years, the last 2 which are now his own. Netty and Annubis are the sweet Belgian malinois you may see around the gym. Netty loves to fetch and Annubis likes to steal her ball and get her to chase him.


Masters Science Corrective ? Exercise Science, BA Human Health, NASM Master Personal Trainer, Master Coach Precision Nutrition, Fitness nutrition specialist, Corrective exercise specialist, Strongfirst Kettlebell instructor, TRX Instructor




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