Jordan Allen

Jordan Allen

Who he is:

A Massage Therapist and Tai Chi & Qigong Blends Instructor, Jordan embodies holistic healing at GymTonic.


Jordan blends science, body mechanics and intuitive touch through “Integrative Listening.”

His work combines deep tissue massage, nervous system release techniques, and energy work, all rooted in the principles of Tai Chi. By following the body’s flow and listening intently to its cues, Jordan’s sessions go beyond manual massage. In addition to addressing client’s chronic tension and pain, he holds space for their emotions and energy with skillful compassion.


Those seeking relaxation, enhanced mobility, injury rehabilitation, or post-workout recovery benefit from Jordan’s touch. His clients receive science-based expertise, intuitive attention, masterful touch and empathy.

Jordan Allen

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Education & History:

Jordan’s journey in the healing arts began in childhood. While watching a movie with his mother, he heard the word, “cardiologist.” Curious, he asked what the word meant. His mother simply explained, “They help people heal their hearts.” His first thought, “That’s what I want to be.” Eventually that knowing led Jordan to pursue the healing arts through holistic massage, bodywork, and movement therapy. While he steered clear becoming a cardiologist in the traditional sense, he works to help people heal their hearts and bodies with his hands. He honed his craft through formal education and practical experience.


Work History:

Jordan has maintained a thriving private massage practice for over 26 years. He has worked in spas and clinics as well. His nearly 20-year tenure as an instructor of massage and philosophy at the renown Institute of Psycho – Structural Balancing Massage School in Los Angeles underscores his commitment to nurturing future healers.


Fun Trivia:

At home, Jordan finds joy and inspiration in his roles as a devoted parent and loving partner. He cherishes time spent with his three children, ages 25, 5, and 2, from whom he continually learns. As an avid traveler, Jordan eagerly anticipates embarking on new adventures.


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