Edoardo Frattini

Edoardo Frattini

Who he is:

A Personal Trainer with over 20 years of experience in both Italy and the U.S., Edoardo is passionate about helping others.


Edoardo believes a healthy lifestyle involves more than lifting weights. A balanced life includes stretching, warm-ups, good nutrition, recovery and sleep. His goal is to help clients achieve this lifestyle while minimizing the risk of future health related issues. Edoardo creates programs drawing from strength training, HIIT circuits, TRX, functional movement and kettlebells.



Edoardo puts his clients first, helping them obtain their goals and maintain motivation. He encourages them with determination and kindness. Maintaining a professional experience with quality education, he is honest and realistic with his clients expectations. Edoardo loves helping others to see what their bodies are capable of with just enough hard work.

Edoardo Frattini

“I believe fitness is not a destination, rather it is a lifelong journey of self-love.”

Education & History:

Edoardo was born in a small town near the sea in Genova, Italy. In his youth, he was involved with track, soccer, tennis and swimming. At 18, he competed in his first sprint triathlon. His love for movement inspired him to get a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sports from Milan. In addition to his certifications below, he is bilingual in English and Italian, with a little bit of French.


Work History:

After college, Eldorado taught school. Educating 11-15 year olds during the day and training private clients in the evening was routine for many years. He turned fully to his passion of working with adults after moving to California 10 years ago. He has maintained a private training practice and comes to Gym Tonic for the great space and community.

Fun Trivia:

He loves travel, hiking, music, photography and playing paddle tennis. He enjoys riding his bike from Venice to Manhattan beach, which he finds relaxing as it reminds him of being near the sea in his hometown in Italy.


Coming soon…

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